How to Make Money with Youtube Shorts Without Making Videos Yourself 2021

Learn how to make money with YouTube Shorts even if you don’t want to show your face on camera, and without making videos yourself from scratch in 2021. Complete YouTube Shorts Creation and Monetization Tutorial.

This is a complete step by step YouTube Shorts tutorial. I will show you how to create YouTube Shorts without making your own videos and without showing your face. And then, how to monetize YouTube shorts with affiliate marketing.

First, I will give you an overview so you can understand the power of Shorts. It’s much easier to create a 30-second video than to create a 20-minute video. Yet, these short 30-second videos can easily get you 1,000,000+ views and you can make excellent money with these videos.

Shorts can pretty quickly get you subscribers as well. YouTube shorts watch time doesn’t count towards your 4,000 watch-hours required to get monetized, though. So you need to monetize YouTube Shorts in some other way – and I will show you how to monetize them using Affiliate Links.


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