How To Sell $2,500 Local SEO Services (2021 Update)

If you want to sell local SEO services, this is the video for you.

0. Understand goal (leads)
1. Perform a basic keyword audit
2. Perform a basic website audit
3. Share results
4. Recommended a full roadmap ($297)
5. Sell implementations

[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:00:29] Check out the new SEO Audit tool in
[00:01:05] Understand goal (leads)
[00:01:36] Perform a keyword audit
[00:01:46] In, Go to Keyword Research
[00:04:20] See how competitive the chosen keyword
[00:06:40] Perform a basic website audit
[00:08:12] Keyword mapping
[00:10:42] Share results
[00:11:17] SEO Starter Kit
[00:14:03] Recommend a full roadmap ($297)
[00:15:03] Sell implementations

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